Find Your “ME TIME” and Use without feeling guilty

Find Your “ME TIME” and Use without feeling guilty

For many, this phrase may be heard for the first time. I won’t be surprised, because the first time I heard it, I had no clue what it meant. No wonder I was drained emotionally, physically and otherwise. All along, I felt guilty of finding and spending some quality time with myself. I felt guilty to spend my hard-earned money on myself. I was running around like a headless chicken trying to satisfy everyone, except myself. I wanted these people to validate me.

The love for me and my happiness was depended on what others gave me. And guess what? I got far less than I deserved. I felt like my sacrifices were in vain. In fact, the more I sacrificed, the less happy I was. Was it wrong to sacrifice for others? Absolutely not. The issue is that I didn’t love and value myself as others. My limiting beliefs had taught me that “I can only be happy if others make me happy”. And that’s a Fat Lie.

Over the years, knowing who I am and valuing me, I made a conscious decision to find my “Me Time”. Whether its 30 mins, 1hour, a whole day or a week, this is my time allocated for ME. During this time, I mentally and physically zoom out everybody. I give my focus on me. I may dance, sing, reflect on my dreams, read a book, watch a movie, re-strategize, eat some good food, go shopping, do my nails – just anything to pamper myself. Is that selfishness? No! It’s called Self-Love. And when I do, it enhances my mental and physical health which then benefits those around me.

So, my dears, nobody can love you more than you love yourself. And it is your responsibility to love and care for yourself. Find your “Me Time” and use it. You deserve it. If you learned something, share with a friend or family. To get more posts and learn more, visit our Facebook and be part of us.

Stay Blessed.

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