Meet The Team

About Us

Meet our management team, who are working tirelessly, together with our volunteers to bring positive change to our beneficiaries and our community.

Meet Our Team

Peggy Bareh

Project Manager

I am Peggy Bareh, I serve as the Project Manager for BornFAPEC. As a lived experience leader, I share in the vision to “see every immigrant living their purpose” I bring on board my varied skills in Public speaking, coaching, writing and management to transform lives within my community.

Prisca Bamuh

Treasurer/ Finance Coodinator

I am Prisca Bamuh, Treasurer/ Finance Coodinator for BornFAPEC. As a Mental Health support worker, my vision is to raise mental health awareness and break the stigma amongst the BAME communities. My purpose is to support people with mental health live better and valuable lives.

Randy Adoboe


I am Randy Adoboe, I serve as the chair of BornFAPEC. With my Academic and professional background in teaching and mental health, I am passionate about supporting, especially BAME youths to live a purposeful life.