Childhood & Domestic Abuse

Childhood & Domestic Abuse

We often carry along childhood unhealed emotional wounds into our adulthood, which gravely affects our personal and cognitive development. Our horrific experiences silence our voices; rupture our self-worth, inhibit our independence as purpose-driven individuals; leave us defenceless, paralysed with fear and anxiety.  With a vibrant team of experienced leaders at B-FAPEC, we seek to use our stories and help our beneficiaries to complete their recovery journey.

What is Domestic Abuse?

Many victims of abuse, especially amongst BAME communities recognise physical abuse as the only form of abuse. We often hear statements like “My partner doesn’t abuse me; he only controls my finances but doesn’t beat me..” The definition of domestic abuse is often an eye-opener for many victims.

As lived experience leaders, we cannot underestimate the impact of domestic abuse on mental health; that is why through our 1-2-1 emotional support, we seek to provide a timely prevention to mental breakdown through and beyond COVID-19.

At B-FAPEC, we believe everyone was Born for a Unique Purpose and Not to be Abused

Modern slavery, childhood and domestic abuse cause untold damage to victims. It affects every aspect of life. It affects our health, career, children, relationships, finances, social life, behaviour etc.