Born For A Purpose Empowerment Centre


“In every Pain, there is Gain”

We are a BAME self-development, emotional wellness and positive integration organisation. It’s created by lived experience leaders to inspire, empower and support immigrants to turn their Pain into Gain, becoming vibrant leaders within our communities. We are UK registered CIC, working in Staffordshire and Nottingham.

Tailored Approach

As a Black, Asians and minority ethnic (BAME) organisation, we focus on delivering 1-2-1 emotional and practical support, positive integration programmes, culturally tailored personal development, and wellbeing courses to immigrants within the community.

Established For Positive Change

We inspire, empower and support our beneficiaries to become lived experience leaders by unlocking their passions and potentials and boosting their self-confidence. We strongly believe that everyone was born for a unique purpose, and not to be abused.



A poor mental health limits our abilities to thrive. We break the stigma around mental health, access to support and overcoming barriers.


With a stable mental health, our beneficiaries can be motivated to create and pursue their career goals.


Reduce poverty, crime, domestic abuse, and promote community cohesion principles.


We aim to work with other community projects with a shared vision.


Self-sustainability, long-term socio-cultural, economic and political reforms and reduced migration.

Our Programmes

We design and deliver varied bespoke and culturally tailored
wellbeing programmes to meet the needs of our participants.

Education and Personal Development Programmes

At BornFAPEC, we strongly believe in the transformative power of education and personal development. We design and deliver varied bespoke and culturally tailored wellbeing programmes to meet the needs of our participants.

Career Development and Entrepreneurship Programmes

In line with our objectives, we partner with professionals to deliver employability and entrepreneurial skills. We offer courses in confidence building, communication, CV writing, job search, interview skills, business plans, business branding, etc. Our unique recruitment approach with Passionate carers Ltd is a key success.

Youth Intervention and Prevention Programme

Through our 1-2-1 services, we identify and support parents with challenging kids as early as possible, and signpost them to other services as needed. We also tap into the richness of our inherited community parenting style, especially for single parents, to support each other.

Migration and Integration Programme

With the increasing number of Migration, there is a dire need for a culturally tailored and positive integration programmes, designed and delivered by BAME immigrants with lived experience leadership. Our qualified tutors, offer ESOL and maths courses as a group and on 1-2-1 basis.

Sensitisation and Advocacy Programme

BornFAPEC also provides sensitisation and advocacy services on socio-cultural and economic issues like domestic abuse, modern slavery, cultural and social exclusion, war and migration, etc.

The Fun Circle Programme

BornFAPEC runs a variety of fun and therapeutic activities. Each week, our participants look forward to something inspiring and engaging.

Our Vision

To see every immigrant achieving their life’s purpose

Our Values

We strongly believe in PURPOSE:

P – Professionalism

U – Uniqueness

R – Respect

P – Passion

O – Openness

S – Self Determination

E – Empowerment

Our COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan

Although the Covid restrictions have been eased, we’re still mindful about infection control. We keep updated with the changes in variants and the government’s guidelines. We’re still encouraging the following:

1.Offering online trainings and workshops

2.Offering telephone and online 1-2-1 coaching, emotional support and peer mentoring.

In the event of meeting face-to-face, we respect the following:

1.We ensure we wash and sanitise our hands appropriately

2.We ensure everyone wears a face covering as needed, especially if showing symptoms of Covid

It mostly begins from our childhood

We often carry along childhood unhealed emotional wounds into our adulthood, which gravely affects our personal and cognitive development. Our horrific experiences silence our voices; rupture our self-worth, inhibit our independence as purpose-driven individuals; leave us defenceless, paralysed with fear and anxiety. With a vibrant team of lived experience leaders at BornFAPEC, we want everyone to be happy. We seek to use our stories and help our beneficiaries to start and complete their recovery journey.