Why we care

Why We Care

The impact of traumatic Experiences

Millions of refugees, asylum seekers, victims/survivors of domestic abuse and modern slavery are settling for less in life due to the impact of their traumatic experiences. This affects their cognitive development, silenced their voices, destroys their self-confidence and self-esteem, kills their dreams in life, take away their independence and are left defenceless, paralysed with limiting beliefs, fear, anxiety and depression.

Untold Damage of hardship in our Communities

With the lasting impact of Covid-19 and the continuous hardship faced by the BAME communities, we aim to transform and rebuild lives. We are addressing hardship from the root. We understand that socio-economic and political factors like immigration, unemployment, systemic barriers, mental health, domestic abuse, homelessness, destitution, and poor integration, social and cultural exclusion are playing a big role in hardship. With the dire need to reduce poverty and hardship, we are using our services to change lives and change our communities.

“An enabling environment + The right opportunities = A Thriving Life and a Happy community”